Book Review : LABYRINTH
October 28, 2017
Melange – 2017 – A Rendezvous of Prodigies
October 30, 2017

BLOG BAIT : Pottery Making


On 28th October a potter came to school and he showed us how to make pots, diyas, etc and many other articles from clay. We all tried our hand, as pottery is a beautiful art form. I wanted to make a piggy bank but before beginning, the potter showed us a demo of how to do it. He also told various precautions which we need to keep in mind while doing this. Finally I tried it for the first time but unfortunately I was not able to give it a perfect shape like the potter. The potter told us that it took ten years for him to become perfect in this art and I had an experience of just five minutes. This shows that every art requires years and years of hardwork and practice to become a master at it.

Aryan Rastogi (Class IX)

Article Credit: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

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