October 30, 2017

Melange – 2017 – A Rendezvous of Prodigies

With the winter chill settling in and the warm sun welcoming, Melange rocked Jaipuria campus yet again. Much before the day two event, students and teachers […]
October 28, 2017

BLOG BAIT : Pottery Making

On 28th October a potter came to school and he showed us how to make pots, diyas, etc and many other articles from clay. We all […]
October 28, 2017

Book Review : LABYRINTH

LABYRINTH: An action-packed adventure of modern conspiracy and medieval passion. LABYRINTH is a mesmerizing tale penned down by KATE MOSSE. It is a testimony to Kate […]
October 26, 2017
blogbait 2

Blog Bait – lack of consideration

Things not taught at school……… One of the behaviors, I repeatedly notice is a complete lack of consideration for others. And parents, I feel must accept […]

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