Blog Bait – lack of consideration

Blog Bait
October 25, 2017
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October 28, 2017

Blog Bait – lack of consideration

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Things not taught at school………

BLOG BAIT IOne of the behaviors, I repeatedly notice is a complete lack of consideration for others. And parents, I feel must accept responsibility for this. After all that’s where it all stems from. Here’s a recent example. Last week I boarded the Lucknow Mail from Delhi to Lucknow, which departs at around 10pm. At around 11pm the train halted briefly at Ghaziabad. All hell broke loose as certain passengers hurriedly clambered up baggage and all, literally screaming their lungs out, shouting out instructions to locate their berths quite oblivious to the sleeping passengers in the coach. Could the same have not been done in a more civilized and quieter manner?


blogbait 2This kind of adult behavior, subsequently modelled by children is visible everywhere. In residential societies you have children screaming and shouting and playing till late in the night or cars hogging other’s parking space. Loud speakers blaring since the wee hours of the morning to way past ten in the night, the official deadline. The reasons might range from “Azaan” to “Jaagran” to festivities or the marriage- band baaja, baraat. All through the day noise continues with unnecessary honkingby speeding cars, bikes and buses. Who cares for elderly people trying to have a snooze or children who might be preparing for competitive exams.

We expect clean public toilets and spaces but leave them dirty. We have no qualms about throwing trash on the roadsides.

We don’t form queues, we lack the patience to wait for our turn, we don’t give way to an ambulance, the list is endless.


blogbait 3Are we as a society becoming insensitive, inconsiderate and self-centered? Aren’t these issues that schools and teachers need to pay heed to? Who will teach our children lessons in patience & empathy, of being considerate and sensitive to the needs of others?

Are we willing to create a future bereft of such niceties? So teachers gear up to teach these along with Maths & Science

Because if not us who?

And if not now, when?

Poonam Kochitty – Principal

Article Credit: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

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