Assemblies- A Reflection of learnings at School

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March 23, 2018
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April 12, 2018

Assemblies- A Reflection of learnings at School


An Assembly is a brilliant ritual to bring into kids’ daily morning at school. School assemblies are important aspects of a curriculum. It has the potential to nurture and maintain a positive school culture. It covers topics that are not dealt in a traditional classroom learning session.

Assembly provides a platform for children to gain experience in performance. Speaking in public can help students to overcome their fears and not just in public speaking, but in overcoming the fear of fear itself.

To achieve this, little Jaipuria’s of Pre-Primary wing presented motivating and thought-provoking assemblies on varied topics relevant to their routine as well as universal values such as respect, co-operation and peace.

To begin with, the tiny tots of Nur-1 conducted the assembly on the theme “My Books My Treasure”. The assembly encouraged children to read and enjoy the books, as they not only provide us knowledge but inspire us too.

The assembly conducted by Nur-2 was on the topic “Zero the Hero”. They laid emphasis on the importance of the number Zero and recited a beautiful rhyme on “Mr. Zero”.

It is very important that we understand traffic signals and follow traffic rules. Nur-3 presented an assembly on “Visit to a traffic park” and talked about road safety.

To celebrate the spirit of love and happiness the little angles of Nur-4 presented a mesmerizing show on “Christmas”. They unwrapped the show with a fairy dance followed by a skit depicting the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

The twinkling stars of Nur-5 presented an assembly on the topic “If the Sun goes on a holiday”. Children presented a lively holiday song illustrating the sun holidaying on a beach followed by a refreshing rhyme requesting the sun to get back to its place.

We might be different but we are one, as Indians. Celebrating the essence of patriotism and togetherness, students of Nur-6 presented the assembly on the topic “India MyPride”.

Janmashtami was celebrated with great zeal and pomp by the children of Nur-7. They won the hearts of the spectators by dressing in the attire of Krishna, Gopikas and other characters and enchantingly performed their respective roles.

“Where love is everything and you are so well known, whatever life brings, you never feel alone”. To depict the spirit of love, respect, togetherness, and celebration, the students of Nur-8 presented an act on “Family”.

Nur-9’s assembly was a presentation on the topic “The Alphabet Kingdom”. The main attraction of the presentation was the musical rhyme and a dance on the phonic sounds of alphabets.

Flying is fun but it is gifted to only a few of God’s creations. We, humans, fly high to reach the sky in order to reach our goals and accomplish our dreams. With this high spirit, the students of Nur-10 presented their assembly on “Flying Creatures”.

An individual’s prized asset is not a head full of knowledge but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help. The tiny tots of Nur-11 presented a show on the theme” Helping Hand” to loudly spread the message of kindness, helpfulness, and love.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Keeping this positive approach in mind, students of Nur-12 gave a presentation on the topic “Togetherness brings joy”.

All presentations were attended and very much applauded by Principal Director Ms. Manju Rana and parents who were very impressed to see their wards performing with so much of enthusiasm and perfection.

These assemblies helped in developing school spirit, feeling of affinity and integrity amongst themselves.

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Ghaziabad

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