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May 4, 2018
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May 8, 2018

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“Magic always happens when you direct your inner powers to the object you want to change.”
― Bangambiki Habyarimana

Yes, it was a magical experience! Students of our school got a golden opportunity to attend an inspirational and interactive session organized by Mind Mingle, in CMS auditorium, on 27 April’18 where young achievers were invited to interact with students. 53 students were selected to represent our school.

The auditorium was packed with students from different schools of the city and outside too. The host for the event introduced the awe inspiring child prodigies- Harsh Songra, IshitaKatyal, Truptraj A Pandya, Babar Ali and Aryan Mishra.

Harsh Songra, who has developed an app called ‘My Child App’ was the first to interact with us. Harsh was diagnosed with dyspraxia at the age of 11, a neurological disorder that affected his motor skills. He suffered for five long years, but that was not a deterrent. He developed this app that helps parents monitor their child’s growth between 11 and 24 months. He inspired us by telling us the secret mantra that he followed and that was discipline. He said that we can do what we want to do in our lives with discipline.

IshitaKatyal, the youngest author and TED speaker, came next on stage. At the age of 8, she authored ‘Simran’s Diary – the happy, sad, and funny experiences of an eight-year-old’. Her mother encouraged her to pursue her desires. She said that the difficulties we face, the confusion which we have are all part of our life. Her pearls of wisdom, ‘Be accepted by yourself and not by anyone else’ still rings in my ears.

Truptraj A Pandya, the youngest tabla player, walked on stage with the confidence of a master. At the tender age of 6, The Guinness Book of World Record proclaimed him as the world’s youngest table player. He said that he started playing tabla at the age of 2 and performed at the All India Radio when he was just 3 years old. He played ‘Shape of You’ and we all sat there spell bound.

We met Babar Ali, the youngest headmaster. He became the youngest headmaster at the age of 8. He gathered a few of his village friends and started teaching them in the backyard of his house. His small initiative has turned into a revolution in the field of education. He now reaches out to three hundred students.

Aryan Mishra, the youngest astronomer, opened our eyes to the beautiful and amazing possibilities that the cosmos has in store. He started his journey at the age of 11 and wants to continue inspiring students to ‘look up’.

Listening to all these inspiring youngsters, we realized that the power lies within us. Age does not matter. We just need to focus and follow our heart. A big ‘thank you’ to our Principal, Ms. PoonamKochitty, for letting us be a part of this magical experience.

Vansh Mishra

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

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