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March 16, 2018
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Blogbait : Visit to Tata Motors

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Our school had visited TATA Motors on 19th March. The experience was amazing as I had visited it for the first time. We boarded the school bus and travelled to the factory. After a strict security check we boarded the Tata buses and were taken to a “Learning Centre”. What struck me was that the campus was huge and lush green with lots of trees and lawns.

In the learning Centre Mr.Usmani welcomed us and told us of the products which TATA manufactures like watches, cars, buses, trucks, chemicals, tea, also jewellery & hospitality. After that he told us the history of TATAs.

He told us that Jamshedji TATA, the founder had a vision to bring India on the world map. He wanted to establish the Iron and steel industry in India. He wanted to bring electricity to India. He wanted to built Centres of Higher Education in India.

Before he died he wrote his vision in a letter to his son in which he specified that he wanted factories where there would be wide roads, big lawns full of flowers, a hospital and school and a creche inside the factory campus for the workers, a dream which is alive today due to the efforts of the successive Heads of Tatas. The Tatas went on to build Taj Hotels and also India’s first airlines known as Air India, and the second one VISTARA. He also gave us the information that the Tatas as a CSR initiative donate a staggering 67% of their profits.

Mr.Usmani then told us some interesting facts about TATA Motors which are:

They assemble one truck every six minutes. They are very conscious of safety and excellence.

There is a rule that every person will park their car in a drive-off position for smooth exit in the case of emergency.

After that we proceeded to the TATA factory where we saw how the trucks and cars are assembled. It was a huge plant with 30 Assembly points on each line. There were two such lines. Everyone was busy working and most of the processes were mechanized.

It was really an immense learning experience for us. I was greatly inspired.

Rahul Murarka

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

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