ISA activity held during April and May

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May 8, 2018
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ISA activity held during April and May

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Classes I to XII participated in the ISA Activity titled- Rendezvous with our glorious past: Let’s peep into our history. The teachers from Primary to Senior level enthusiastically organized Rendezvous With Our Glorious Past: An enactment competition wherein the students of senior classes enacted great rulers of all times, as per the country assigned to them. Heritage Quiz for the students of class VI to VIII and Article Writing on various topics like Incredible India, Monuments: Our Architectural Masterpieces, Cultural Diversity etc. for the students of class IX to XII.

These activities are a part of value addition in the knowledge of the students regarding the lives of people around the world who created their mark on the sand of time and became famous. They enacted the great rulers like Louis Bonaparte from Italy, Qin Shihuang from China and Charles de Gaulle from France to name a few. The students knew about the lives of the great heroes recognized globally for their outstanding contribution in the creation of our glorious past. The students also understood the architectural aspect of the world heritage sights. They also gained knowledge about the rich heritage of various countries such as China, Spain, Italy, France, UK, India.

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