My Experience – Prithvi Innovations

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March 19, 2018
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March 23, 2018

My Experience – Prithvi Innovations


It was a regular school day when an announcement was made that we were finally all set to engage in our first project with Prithvi Innovations. We would be allotted four tasks to clean River Gomti, make posters to create awareness, paint the rocks on the river front and to grow plants. We boarded the bus and headed towards Ghailapul which was pretty far from my school. We were welcomed warmly by the members of Prithvi Innovations. Everyone was given a PrithviMitrasticker to paste on their cheeks and a band on which it was printed welcome to “RED” standing for “River Engagement Day”. It was followed by a Bhakti session in which a boy from St.Anjani’s School, chanted “Deva ShriGanesha”. It was mesmerizing. After that we were divided into four groups which were:Tree plantation, River Cleaning, Rock Art & Poster Making. I was allottedthe tree plantation group. We collectively planted a number of saplings. It was a herculean task yet we enjoyed doing it. I did little bit of rock painting. According to me it was messy, but a few of my friends appreciated my effort. After two hours of concentrated work we were served refreshments. In an informal talk over bananas & samosa, measures to protect our River Gomti were discussed. The feedback about this great experience was shared by one of my classmates, Shubhangi. A few students of different schools were awarded with participation certificates for their previous Art work. Finally we boarded our school bus with a resolve to remain connected to this cause.

I would like to sum up that the efforts put in by my school are a drop in the ocean. We still have a long way to goto improve the terrible conditions of our environment and make this beautiful planet “Earth” a better place to live in. After all it’s a gift to us by our dear Almighty.

Devansh Agarwal

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

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